Top Green River BMP’s


The Green River basin is still dominated by a largely agricultural landscape.  Any practice that prevents or lessens runoff carrying chemical, nutrient, or sediment pollution into our river protects the river and its inhabitants as well as making it safe for future generations to enjoy.   Planting trees along a stream, a cover crop in the winter, or even constructing a wetland to trap an process pollution– these practices are often wildlife-friendly and can both reduce pollution and flooding. Responsible farmers and farmland owners who implement best management practices (bmp’s) are being good stewards of the land and water and that benefits us all!

Do BMP’s Really Work? (article)

KDFWR and NRCS staff assist with a native grass restoration demo as part of the CREP USDA effort to improve water quality and habitat for the Green River.

NRCS Best Management Practices:

The Natural Resource Conservation Service is the “go to” agency for providing technical assistance to landowners interested in improving stewardship.  Some practices may even be eligible for cost-share assistance.  See your local NRCS office for more details.

Here are some of the top BMP recommendations for our own Green River and a link to the NRCS information sheet for each:

Conservation Cover

Constructed Wetland

Cover Crop

Critical Area Planting

Filter Strip

Grassed Waterway

Heavy Use Area

Karst Sinkhole Treatment

Prescribed Grazing

Riparian Forest Buffer

Stormwater Runoff Control

Stream Habitat Improvement and Mgt.

Wetland Restoration

Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management

Blue Heron Wetland- TBNRA

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources:

KDFWR also provides landowner assistance and provides a very helpful set of “Habitat How-To’s”.  All of these are habitat-promoting, wildlife enhancing practices that may also help protect the Green River.

KDFWR Habitat How-To’s


Kentucky Division of Forestry:

Forest practices can either protect and conserve or destroy water quality and aquatic habitat.  Managing your forest land responsibly can really make a difference for the Green River.  KDF provides landowner assistance and several information publications including the following:

BMP’s for Timber Harvesting

Kentucky Forest Conservation Act