State and Federal Links

Kentucky Division of Water- Green and Tradewater River Basins– state liaison of DOW for local communities.


Kentucky Division of Water— information on permits, environmental emergency response, reporting hazardous spills, etc.


Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources— lot of fish and wildlife info, including Green River.  Provides landowner services for wildlife enhancement and water quality improvement.  Biologist in both game and non-game offices monitor Green River fish and wildlife on a regular basis.

KDFWR and NRCS staff assist with a native grass restoration demo as part of the CREP USDA effort to improve water quality and habitat for the Green River.

Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund– The KHLCF provides funding for purchase and management of natural areas for the protection of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity and, in many cases, for public use.  This includes numerous sites within the upper Green River watershed.

Beautiful 300 Springs at Davis Bend, Hart County, KY. Photo credit Lynda Richardson for The Nature Conservancy.


Kentucky Conservation Districts– clean water educational outreach and cost-share assistance for some water-friendly practices.  Check with your county office for more info.


Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission– KSNPC monitors and evaluates rare, threatened and endangered species in the River.


Mammoth Cave National Park— Our National Park cannot be separated from the Green– it flows right through the park! The cave system owes much of its development to the ancient river.


Natural Resource  Conservation Service–  works with landowners and assits in the implementation of a vast array of water quality and habitat improvement initiatives.  Check iwth your local office for more information.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers- Louisville District most often thought of for lake management and flood control, this office has an important role in federal permitting and ecosytem restoration of the Green River as well.


United States Fish and Wildlife Service— most know for protecting and recovering endangered species and endangered species habitat– that’s a good thing since our River has plenty of both!

Partners with USFWS and KSNPC surveying mussels at Munfordville.

United States Geologic Survey

USGS Green River Stream Gauges

These gauges provide useful information for water scientists and river users alike.  Real-time data may include river stage, flow, temperature and recent rainfall.  Sites occasionally are down for maintenance but otherwise are updated every 20 minutes.

Green River @ Hwy 55

Green River @ Greensburg

Green River @ Munfordville

Russell Creek @ Hwy 61