Paddling Principles

Paddling Principles- Tips for Responsible Kayaking and Canoeing

The Green River is a public resource- a beautiful and often serene and naturally diverse resource.  And the only way to ensure that these values are sustained and can be enjoyed by all is by our responsible use of this blueway.  Following are some helpful hints for respecting this resource and each other while enjoying the next trip down the river.


General Principles:

Be considerate and respectful of the river, each other and private landowners.

Respect the freshwater environment.

View yourself as a welcomed visitor.


Respect for the Environment:

Leave no trace of your visit. DO NOT LITTER!

Leave the environment better than you found it- when collecting litter do so carefully.

Keep noise to a respectful level.

Float canoes/kayaks for launching and lift out when taking out.

Avoid damaging streamside vegetation and banks.

Keep to designated trails and launching points when possible.

Avoid dragging over shallow riffles or nearshore gravel beds to minimize impacts to mussels or spawning fishes.

Respect wildlife by maintaining a safe distance.  Never taunt or stress wildlife.

Avoid spreading invasive species.  When fishing try using native baitfish.  Consider rinsing boats and wading shoes when moving between river systems or from a reservoir to the river.


Respect for Others:

Respect private lands and always ask permission for river access.

Do not obstruct other water users.

Always yield to larger vessels.

Keep number in your party consistent with safety, the size of the channel and the impact on the environment.

Watch for wading or bank fishing anglers and avoid lines.

Watch for swimmers and give a wide berth.

In case of:

Emergency dial 911.

Environmental hazard or spill dial 800-241-1754 or 1-800-424-8802

Wildlife violation  800-25-ALERT