Biodiversity Guides

Green River Biodiversity Field Guides

Following are links to custom and other field guides for various Green River faunal groups.  Enjoy learning more about some of the critters that also call Green River home!


Guide to Green River Fishes

Jimmy Carter Darter


Guide to Green River Mussels

Green River mussels in a 1/4 sq. meter quadrant sample.


Guide to Green River Crayfishes

Cave Crayfish (credit Chip Clark)


USGS Guide to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates or mayflies, stoneflies, dobsonflies and such

Dobsonfly larva, a.k.a. Go Devil, a.k.a. Hellgrammite (credit Fero Bednar)


Guide to Some Upper Green River Birds

Prothonotary warbler (credit Laura Gooch)