by Davis McCombs


Blue heart, blue

vein, bluegrass

in wind.  Near dawn,

a trickling.  Paint

flake and darkened door.

Barn and blackshank.

A field of burley.

A lean-to.

Old lean man.

Green River

by john-boat, a trotline.

The fruit jar

near the fieldstone

wall.  Channel cat, gar.  A cane

brake, a cave.

A road through

cedars.  Fencerows.

Tents on a gravel bar-

campfire, grave.

Blood cross on door.

Damp curtain, hot

night, blue moon.

The house quiet:

the porchswing and the pie

safe.  The hinge.

Plowpoint and spear.

Fossil, watercress,

worm.  A cradle.

Blue corn, blue-

grass in wind, ocean

you once were.

(From Ultima Thule, by permission)